Single process application • 65+
This is a one step process in which the hair has a permanent or demi-permanent color deposited into the hair all over.

Double process application • 120+
This is a two step process in which hair is lightened and toned, or filled and then colored.

Color correction • Consultation Only
Color corrections occur when a client wishes to change the color of their previously colored hair. Consultations are required.

Eyebrow tinting • 15
Eyebrow tinting with color service is complementary.


Root retouch • 45+

Root retouch and gloss • 65+
This is coloring of only the roots of the hair due to grow out of previous color. A gloss is applied to increase shine and luster throughout the body and ends of the hair.

Hi-lights / Lo-lights

Partial hi-lights / lo-lights • 85+

Full hi-lights / lo-lights • 100+
Hi-lights/lo-lights are foiled or painted through the hair to create depth and varying tones and shades of color. Full hi-lights/lo-lights are applied all over while partial hi-lights/lo-lights are applied around the face to the crown area and around the nape.

All Services By Appointment Only


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